Affordable, Powerful & Scale-able Digital Signage Software

Wisar Digital provides an affordable web based digital signage software platform.  Above all, our software is packed full of powerful features, providing you with the flexibility for a successful deployment.


Content Management Software (CMS)

Our digital signage CMS provides an unrivaled set of robust features that are intuitive to use, therefore making it easy for you to manage your content. Furthermore our software is very affordable which will enable you to realize your ROI even faster. 

Because support is included within the license fee, you don’t have to worry about any extra hidden costs, or outrageous pricing increases.  

Wisar Digital’s digital signage CMS is supported on a wide range of industry leading hardware, providing you with total flexibility.  The hardware includes:

  • Samsung Commercial Displays with SoC (System on a Chip) technology running their Tizen platform meaning the screen is the only hardware you need.
  • LG webOS Commercial Displays with SoC technology running their webOS platform meaning the screen is the only hardware you need.
  • BrightSign
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Android

Our software platform is aimed at anyone wanting to deliver engaging content to their screens anywhere throughout the world.  Simply login to Wisar Digital from your web browser and start managing your digital signage content.


Community Business to Business Advertising

Wisar Digital is a whole new way to think about location-based advertising. This self-service digital signage platform will allow your business as well as other businesses to display eye-catching advertisements on displays for all of your customers to view. The best part? It gives you the potential to receive a large share of that revenue generated by ads from other local companies.  

This simple platform enables your customers to advertise their business products or services at any of our nationwide locations from as low as $15 per month per digital advertisement.  


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