Subscriptions (CMS Licensing)

If you want to use 42 Digital Signage for anthing other than 'Advertising', you will need a CMS license in order to unlock the ability to use all of the features that will allow you to have complete control of content management and getting custom Boards (Layouts) / Playlists to your Displays. Once licensed for CMS you will have access to:


To license your Display(s), click on the 'Subscriptions' menu option and then the blue 'Add Subscription' button and complete the form as shown below:


Billing Info: Make sure you complete all of the fields.

Billing Type: 'Subscription' means 42 Digital Signage will automatically debit your credit card based on duration preference, whereas 'Invoice' will result in an invoice being generated and sent via email. Once the invoice has been paid, you will have access to this license.

Duration: Pick the desired duration and note the savings based on 3 years option versus annual and monthly.

Displays: Check the Displays you want licensed for CMS usage.

Transaction History: Provides you with a record 

Cancel Subscription: Obvioulsy we'd hate to lose your business, but if you need to, this is where you can cancel the subscription(s) required.





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